Protect your software against unauthorized use and copying The Cryptos system gives you control over the distribution of your software
Protect your software by using secure smart cards Smart cards provide you with key algorithms, user identification, etc.
Perform the development of secured software fast and reliably TrustApp allows you to build your functionality on a safe foundation
Make the work with peripheral devices easier for you DeviceConnect enables you a simple communication with USB devices
Library for detection of smart cards and communication with them Simplify your development by using middleware communication layer
Advertise-it provides you with a system for targeted advertising placement Display of banners in your applications according to specific parameters
Cryptos Licensing System
Secure Smart Cards a Chips
TrustApp Package
DeviceConnect Package
SmartcardConnect Package

Welcome to the website of the ProtoWay company

ProtoWay is a research and development company in the area of information technology security.

Based on our long-time experience, we developed products and services designed to protect your company's know-how from abuse. Our product offers are being successfully deployed in various software and hardware solutions in which they serve to enhance the security against intellectual property abuse.


Our vision is to become a modern and globally renowned company in the field of software security and cryptographic solutions. To be a reliable and trustworthy partner within the technology field. To be a company with a focus on knowledge development and the distribution of guaranteed know-how, as well.


Our mission is to protect the digital world from the latest threats from the Internet environment. To help companies worldwide to realize their full potential. To protect intellectual property and know-how of individuals and enterprises. To raise awareness, to spread knowledge and to train first-class professionals in the security and cryptography area.