Advertise-it is a system allowing the charging of use of your application by means of embedded advertising banners.

It allows to display banners in your applications and their publishing by user types, the time period and various other criteria.

Modes of banners display
Tracking of income from banners
Advertise-it contents
  • Randomly displayed banners according to selected probabilistic parameters (e.g. display priority, time interval of change, etc.)
  • Banners with a defined maximum number of clicks
  • Banners with a specific duration of validity (e.g. publication of a banner for the period of 1 month)
  • Definition of displaying zones in the application and allocation of banners into individual zones

Payments for advertisement placed in your application by means of the Advertise-it banner system can be made based on the criterion you choose from the following list:

  • Number of clicks on an advertisement banner by the web page visitors
  • Number of displays of the web page with an advertisement banner
  • Using flat rate based on the selected time interval
  • DLL libraries with components for the end-user application
    • For MS Visual C++, .NET, C Builder, Delphi, Java
    • Putting down the specific visual components for single environments
      • MFC, Swing (JAVA), etc.
  • Web interface for publication and complete administration of banners
    • Upload/download of banners by customers
    • Setting of parameters for the display of banners in individual applications
    • Statistics of clicks on banners
      • By banners
      • By the placement in time
      • Distribution of clicks on banners by individual applications
      • Analysis of the success rate of banners