In the present-day globalized world of information technologies, your company's communication infrastructure is continually exposed to various threats.

During the process of sending via the Internet, your e-mails and documents are being stored in many computers and they are not protected against unauthorized opening.

The communication of your computer with other computers on the Internet can also be followed by a third party that can obtain complete information on web sites you visit, as well as information on when you visit them and what you are viewing on them. By securing the company's electronic communication, it is possible to prevent all these risks and, by this, to protect the company against leakage and abuse of sensitive information.

Our offer within the framework of the security services for the company's electronic communication:

  • Security against unwanted eavesdropping
  • Deployment of encryption systems for e-mail communication
  • Deployment of systems for secure surfing on the Internet
  • Training constitutes an integral part of our services.