Cryptos Licensing System

Cryptos licensing system is a universal online system for charging of use of your applications and IT systems. It enables to generate user licenses for any application developed by you and to administrate such licenses.

Secure smart cards and chips

In the area of chip cards, ProtoWay provides consulting, analytical and development services, as well as the delivery of complete systems including chip cards themselves, terminals and full user support.

TrustApp Package

The TrustApp package offers a comfortable, fast and reliable solution for development of highly secured software. Programmers can thus focus to the maximum extent possible on the application functionality development itself.

DeviceConnect Package

DeviceConnect is an extensive package of libraries designed for development of applications which ought to operate various PnP hardware devices that can be connected to a computer (particularly via USB).

SmartcardConnect Package

This package provides extensible middleware which enables users to elegantly separate low-level communication from application advanced business logic.

Advertise-it bannerový systém

Advertise-it is a system allowing the charging of use of your application by means of embedded advertising banners.