Library designed for detection of smart cards and communication with them.

The library provides means to facilitate the work with smart cards; instead of the programmer, it solves the problem of reader enumeration and automatic detection of connection and disconnection of smart cards. Smartcard Connect is an extensible middleware allowing an elegant separation of low-level communication layer from the high-level application logic.

Library capabilities

  • It provides easy-to-use functions for communication with various types of smartcards.
  • In order to recognize a given card type the programmer needs to implement only the function for ATR response recognition.
  • Embedded reader enumeration (applies also to virtual readers)
  • Support for T=0 and T=1 protocols
  • Support for transmission at the APDU level
  • Handling of the APDU construction
  • Support for observer/observable architecture

The work with smart cards by means of the SmartcardConnect library was designed for use of any smart cards (not only cryptographic ones).